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About us

Hi we are Nina and Paula, co-founders of the exciting new brand Nipa THREADS.

Between us we have 5 beautiful, boisterous boys. We love being mums but are definitely in need of a bit more sweet female attitude in our lives so we decided to start up our very own business selling slogan t-shirts and jumpers as well as tote and make up bags.

It is also not easy getting back into the world of work once you have expelled a tiny, or not so tiny, human being from your body.  For some reason growing, caring for and nurturing the next generation is not seen as a credible enough reason to have been out of the workplace.  

Well we say screw that!!!

Getting kids out of the house fed, clothed, teeth cleaned and not having an epic meltdown is no easy feat, yet as a parent that is what we manage to accomplish all before 8.30 am.  

Oh and we also manage to make ourselves presentable to the world too - just about.

Nina has always been a seamstress and still enjoys getting some peace and quiet locked away with her sewing machine.  Thanks to her we got our first contact making candle bags for another fabulous female business, Bell & Woods hand poured candles.  Go and check them out at www.bellandwoods.com

Paula is part time cabin crew and often skips to work, where she gets to have some well deserved peace and quiet in the comfort of her very own hotel room.

We met at our local Children's centre and it wasn't long before we realised we had the same sense of humour and bonded over our love of sarcasm.  We, and our boys soon became firm friends.

Together we think we are pretty darn funny, we hope you agree.

Every time we talk about the ‘it's just my face babe’ slogan we look at each other and crack up.

That is what has made starting this business so darn awesome.  It doesn’t (always) feel like work when you are enjoying yourself in the process. Getting time away from the kids to focus on something that means the world to us and that we are truly passionate about has given us a new lease of life.

Our boys will always be our greatest achievement but who is to say that you can only have one thing to be of proud of in life.  We are already proud of ourselves for finally managing to get our new baby off the ground after talking about it since 2015. We hope you enjoy wearing our clothes and using our bags as much as we have enjoyed designing and making them.

Nina and Paula x x x