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What makes a good slogan t-shirt?

If you’re familiar with our brand, which we obviously hope that you are, then you’ll know that slogan clothing is our thing

We’ve been going for just over 2years now and have released loads of slogans for adults and kids over that time, always keeping things fresh and exciting. Each time we launch new slogans we are always interested to see which ones do well and sometimes, not so well, and we have often been surprised with the outcome. We are not afraid to ditch ones that aren’t selling to make way for new ones that will.

So what does make a good slogan tee? 

Well, first and foremost is finding slogans that speak to your audience. It’s no good having a slogan that doesn’t resonate with your ideal client-click to read our last blog all about this. Here at nipa threads we are sarcastic, like to take the piss, say it like it is and above all we love to make you smile. We know not everyone out there will find the same things funny as us but that’s completely fine as loads of you will and you are our tribe.

Speaking of tribes, if you aren’t already, go and join our private Facebook group ‘We all need good tribes’, a great community of like minded badass women-sorry no men allowed. Feel free to get involved with our daily posts or share your own posts/stories/memes/wins/fails etc with no judgement (judgy twats are not welcome and will be removed).

Back to what I was saying.

We don't just stick to the same font for all our designs. We like to use interesting fonts that work with the slogan and enhance the design, so we go through long lists of them to find just the right one, we then size them appropriately. 

We really try to be different with our slogans, it would be quite easy to go down a route of doing the same old thing that a lot of the small businesses do because that shit sells but we want to be original and unique, and also passionate about what we put out.

It’s also not all about the actual slogan itself. When we started nipa threads we knew we wanted to source great quality garments and not just find the cheapest tees we could to maximise our profits. You know the ones- no side seams/wonky side seams, shrink up after one wash, lose their colour yada yada. We offer soft, great looking and sustainable garments from suppliers who are WRAP certified, eco friendly and ethical.

We decided to go down the route of screen printing our slogans as this increases the longevity of your garment and feels nicer than the vinyl alternative which is quite often the technique used by brands offering slogan tees. Coming from a fashion background helped with this as screen printing is something I had done before. Since starting we have also added foil transfer prints which although not as hardwearing as ink, gives your tee that little extra pizazz and personality yet still feels nice to touch .. please follow our care card instructions to ensure your print lasts as long as possible. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY!

Lastly, and what we think gives us our unique edge, is the vast range of colour choices we offer. So often we see a slogan t-shirt we like but it only comes in one colour way… white with black or black with white etc etc. We offer multiple garment colours, you can then choose which ink or foil colour you would like us to print your slogan in. Every item is printed to order by us. Be as subtle or as crazy as you like, anything goes!


All this is what makes a great slogan tee, and quite frankly shows that nipa threads is the best slogan clothing brand out there. 

Go create yours, we can't wait to see what you choose!! SHOP NOW xx

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