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What a ride.

Oh sugar honey ice tea the last blog that we published was in July!! Considering we had planned to write a blog every month this is a rather poor effort.

Despite 2019 being a flash of light a lot happened for us at Nipa Threads.  We finally launched our business in June which was so scary but the response we have received has been incredible. We are truly humbled by all the support we have had from family and friends. What has stunned us the most is the support we have had from strangers on the internet! Despite what the powers that be would like us to believe, people really are bloody awesome. We joined a few groups on Insta and Facebook and have made some fantastic connections with wonderful women.

When we were growing up, and unfortunately still to this day, women have always been pitted against women which quite frankly is utter bullshit and I'm calling it!

We have joined groups specifically for mums in business, people like us. There is no bitchiness, no mansplaining. No snarky comments or put downs. Just women supporting women. Celebrating wins and giving sound advice when needed. Supportive comments and 'you've got this' type cheerleading and you know what it is fucking awesome. Its a family. Its a tribe. Its a community and we love being part of it. You don't hear about any of this sort of thing in the media do you? Women being kind to women. Women telling other women how fecking capable they are. Women raising up women - how bloody dare they step out of their boxes!! But the women we have been fortunate enough to have connected with have been inspiring, capable and awesome at what they do.

It has been a roller coaster for us. Some great moments but also some momentous fuck ups. That's all part and parcel of having your own business though no? It has been a huge learning curve but we are lucky to have each other for the ride. We feed off each other and when one of us is having a particular shitty day we have each others backs and try and lift the other up whether that be through the medium of old skool garage dancing or gorging on skittles whilst having a rather sweary conversation!!  Swearing is so good for the soul!!

One thing is for sure, A LOT of tea is consumed at Nipa Threads headquarters. Our business is practically built on it and it is what keeps our brains ticking over.

Being parents and running your own business is quite a challenge. There are plenty of pros and cons. One pro is when that dreaded school number flashes up on your phone and you know you are going to have to leave to collect a child. We still have that pang of guilt because we are conscientious people but really we know that we have each others backs and can pick up the slack.

What we do find hard is the lack of sleep we still seem to STILL suffer from, like seriously will there ever be a time when we are not knackered?? That is where the tea comes in! Some days the brain just does not want to work and the eyes do not want to be open! Using your brain is hard work especially when there are 4561 things going on around it.

We wouldn't change a thing though - oh OK maybe some of the fuck ups!

We are soooooooo grateful for everyone who has liked or commented on our socials and of course all of you that have made a purchase. Thank you, you beautiful people. Having our own business has swayed us to spend our own money with small businesses. We want to support the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Cannot wait to see what 2020 holds. We know we will be working our arses off to build our empire for us and our families and we cannot wait to get our teeth stuck in.

All the best to you and yours, Paula and Nina xxx



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