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Well that hit the fan rather quickly!!

Millennium. The year 2000. A year to end all years. HA or so we all thought! All the computers were going to explode, everything was going to shut down and the world as we knew it would change forever! The clock struck midnight and we all secretly shit ourselves that there would be a huge bang and that was it. Laters, see ya, sayonara, goodbye universe. What a load of old shit we thought as we woke up the next day still alive and very much hungover.

Fast forward 20 years and now we actually know what its like for the world to shut down and everything to pretty much go to shit!!

What a fucking year.

Confined to our homes.

Having the kids at home for 6 months and having to wing homeschooling without accidental on purpose calling your child a wanker.

Not being able to see the people we love in the flesh. Having to use zoom or FaceTime to stay in touch and connect. Then hating the zooming because it became tedious and stagnant and there was no amount of gin to get you through another quiz. Plus there was usually one twat in the group who liked to talk over everyone else and you couldn't physically punch them which was even more annoying.

Being furloughed. Going through 2 rounds of redundancies. Being one of the lucky ones to keep my job but it was a bittersweet moment as I watched so many amazing people loose theirs.

Trying to run a business without being able to go to our office. Becoming the official Post Biatch!!

Drinking more alcohol than I have ever drunk before and I went to university and then travelled the old South East Asia/ Australia route like every other fucker.

Doing Joe Wicks. Hating Joe Wicks. Doing him again - the workouts ya filthy animals!! Getting fat from the booze and the chocolate and the snacking because I had lost the will to cook another fucking meal. 

A trip to the supermarket being the highlight of the week and the fact that your bins went out more than you did!!

I feel as though I got off lucky compared to many other people and my heart really does go out to everyone.

We were all so excited at the prospect of a new year, a fresh start. The hope of a better year and a brighter future ahead of us after the doom and gloom of the previous year. Our kids were back in school. Majority of us back at work and the world seemed to be opening up once more. 

Boom!!! We made it to the 4th of January guys!!! The shortest dry January on record. The schools are closed, the hospitals are fuller than ever. People are still being complete cunts on Facebook - gotta keep some consistency eh - and we are locked back in our houses in the bloody winter.

Now don't get me wrong I do not believe the government has handled this particularly well but you know what neither has a lot of the population. Refusing to wear masks, not keeping their distance and generally being knobs. FYI if I can feel your breath on my neck you are too close ya bellend. In that instance I behave like a total adult and start coughing!! Yeah you ain't so close now are you motherfucker!

I am not going to get political and air my views because I think we are all pretty much sick to the back teeth of everyone and their opinions. I like to make you smile and giggle with my blogs. I like them to be lighthearted and sweary and a bit of escapism. 

That is what I want to bring into 2021 - fun, positivity, laughter, making people smile, swearing because I fucking love it and I think you do to. Writing for joy and to uplift. Making you feel good about yourselves by letting you know you are not alone.

So welcome 2021. Happy NEW Year to you all. I wish you all the best for this year and whatever your plans are for it. I hope you continue with us on our journey to progressing and growing our business and I hope we can bring you some joy through our socials and some positivity and cheer through our slogans.

Keep on with your plans and your goals. Keep up with the feeling that this is your year and that this year will be better. Let's send those positive vibes out there. Keep talking about how we are going to smash this year. Not in the face but in our goals and achievements. We are fucking BADASSES and we got this. We have done it before and we will damn well do it again motherfuckers. There is an end in sight. I know it seems like a teeny tiny speck of dirt in the distance but it is there. I for one am not going to let the planning we did at the end of 2020 be for nothing - especially as Nina and I are not great at planning and we put a lot of fucking work into it!

We are in this together and we got each other. Big love from us x

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