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Mother's Day

Wow Mothers Day, that seems like an absolute age ago!  In fact it was only just over 4 weeks and so much has happened in that time.  I mean so much on a global scale, not much has really been going down in my living room!

I was meant to write a blog about motherhood, in honour of Mothers Day, but I just could not find my flow.  I kept writing and then deleting, writing and deleting because, to be honest everything was just shit.  I was not focused on my role as a mother I was fucking scared about what was happening in the world.

On Friday 20th I flew out to Orlando from Gatwick.  I entered a once bustling airport to find that it was now eerily quiet.  I walked past Chinese passengers in full on hazmat suits.  I had to go to a gate that was closed with no heating, no lighting and no fucking toilet roll!!!  The toilets were actually a scene from a horror film.  You know when the dumb ass teens walk into a situation and you are yelling at the TV 'what are you doing you fucking morons'.  It was worse!  We made the boys come into the girls with us because with all this going on I was not going to be murdered by some crazy cunt with a hatchet.  Luckily we were prepared as always with our torches but I am not actually sure if that made me more scared or not.  I am a complete pussy when it comes to horror movies, which is why I do not watch them.  My mind is so overactive that by the time the film has ended to me being in bed I have thought of 2,396 ways that i COULD have been killed!!!  Nah mate, not for me, I will stick to my fucked up crime books and true crime shows - I have no idea why they are different but they just are.

Anyhoooooo digressing to talk about scary toilets ha! 

Being in Orlando was freaky.  There was no one around and no cars on the freeway.  It was like a ghost town and it really started to hit home that this Covid 19 shit was real especially since Disney closed its doors in mid March.  So writing a blog about my motherhood journey seemed so crass.

I started to reflect on the current situation and did a lot of thinking, and crying about the state of the world that we are currently residing in.  So here are my thoughts...............

Mother Nature has had ENOUGH!  She is pissed at us for treating our planet and each other in such a disgusting manner.  I mean where do you even start when writing about what we, as Humans have done to our beautiful world.

Pollution of the air.

Pollution of our seas and oceans.


The destruction of our wildlife's natural habitat.  I never though in my lifetime that I would witness an animal go extinct but sadly enough it is happening.

The fact that a couple of weeks after we were all spouting 'be kind' there were people shoving old people out of the way to get the last packet of pasta or performing WWF moves in the aisle of the supermarket so they could stock pile toilet roll.  I have no idea why so many people thought they were going to shit themselves to death but hey ho people have proved just what dense fucktards they really are!

Neglecting the vulnerable and not caring about those people in society that really need our help, compassion, love and time.

Living in a world where we have lost our ability to be kind, accepting and neighbourly.

I tell you what i believe the common trait that connects most of the above, GREED.  If I could eliminate anything form our societies it would be greed.  The greediness to make more and more money and fuck whoever or whatever suffers. 

But now Mother Nature is saying right you bunch of little pricks I have had enough of this bullshit, GO TO YOUR ROOM!  And whilst the majority of us have been adhering to the guidelines, you are always going to have to bellends that don't think this applies to them, and yes cyclists I'm looking at you, our beautiful and precious planet is starting to heal herself and it gives me shivers all over my body.

The drop in pollution levels on a global scale. 

The cleaner and clearer water meandering through the Venetian canals.

The wildlife entering our towns to find out what the fuck has happened to all the people!

If you have not noticed the stars I suggest you go outside tonight and look up.  I do not remember the last time I saw the sky twinkling so majestically.

I have seen birds in my garden that I have never seen before! 

Community spirit is BACK BABY!  The inspiring stories and videos that are doing the rounds are proof of how good we are and can be.  Everyone coming together in a show of solidarity.  Looking after our elders.  Looking after the vulnerable by which ever means we can.

Generosity of businesses large and small.  We will remember what brands helped and what brands didn't!!

I am sure there are plenty more to add to the list and please do comment on what positives have come out of this situation for you. 

It is proof of how good we can really be, it is just a shame it has taken a global pandemic to remind us.  Let’s hope once this shite is over we can continue to live with more love, compassion and kindness.  That really would be miraculous. 

Big love to you all.  Stay home and stay safe and we will be boozing in a beer garden before we know it! 

P💛 & N🖤 

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