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Love is.........

Despite my finely sculpted resting bitch face I am actually a total sensitive softy who absolutely loves love!  I wanted to take a different approach to this blog, I hope you enjoy it...... 

Love is......what makes the world go round.  We all want to have someone to love and to be loved by someone.  

Love is......not just kisses and bumping uglies.  The rough needs to be taken with the smooth.  That includes the moods, the tears, the drama, the smelly socks left all over the house.

Love is......telling them to drive safely.  

Love is......acceptance of another human beings quirks, irritating habits and everything that makes them unique and what makes them them.

Love is......loyalty.  Having that persons back.  Sticking up for them.  Being their cheerleader and not letting them deal with things on their own.

Love is......selfless.  Putting someone else's needs before your own.  Watching that shitty film or stepping out of your comfort zone to do something you would never normally do.

Love is......being able to act like a complete knob head with no judgement.  Doing that ridiculous dance, pulling stupid faces and acting like a bit of a twat and loving every minute of non judgemental ridiculousness.

Love is......dancing together when there is no music.  

Love is......giving each other the strength to carry on when all they want to do is give up.  Lifting the other person up when they are in their darkest moments.  Showing them the light and taking their hands to guide them back to it.

Love is......swallowing your pride and admitting when you are wrong and maybe just maybe saying those 3 words - I am sorry - without a sarcastic tone.

Love is......taking the time to make that special person a mix tape - i am showing my age here but seriously the dedication and time that went into making a mix tape really did show how much they cared about you.  Bring them back!!!

Love is......being able to cry that real ugly cry.

Love is......honesty and trust and not being stupid or selfish enough to break it.

Love is......to be celebrated and not taken for granted.  Relationships don't just last they are a constant work in progress and need to be nurtured.  Rows happen and partners annoy the fuck out of each other!  It is how you react and behave that makes the difference. 

Love is......your best friends.  Your gang.  The people you phone when the shit hits the fan.  The people who remind you not to give 2 fucks when you wake up with the worst beer fear because they probably poured that ridiculously strong vodka that sent you over the edge.

Love is......family whether blood or not.

Love is......loving yourself first.  Knowing your self worth and not putting up with bullshit just to be in a relationship.

Love is......not asking for the last rolo!

The list could go on and on.  I would love to know what love is too you.


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