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Kindness is everything.

Today is Random Act of Kindness day and it has made me reflect on the world in which we live.  Lets be honest it gets ALOT of negative press and sometimes rightly so, but not always.

The world is ever evolving and changes at an alarming rate.  This blog is not going to focus on all the negative shit going on, but it does need to address where we seem to be going wrong and then in turn how we can help turn it around. 

These are all personal reflections.

It seems that people are only focusing on themselves with a definite 'as long as I'm alright Jack' attitude.  Me, myself and I springs to mind but not in a positive empowering Beyonce ballad kind of way.  More a fuck everyone else kind of attitude.  To be fair it is not really surprising in this narcissistic society we find ourselves in but it does suck.

What has happened to our village?  Where has the community spirit gone?  Why cannot we just be kind and accepting?  Why is everyone so damn angry?

When you live in a negative state of mind things around you are negative.  Negativity breeds negativity and so when that is what you are focused on that is what you experience.   Trust me I spent a while living like this and it was fucking shite until I decided enough was enough!  The only person who could change my circumstances was, you guessed it, me, myself and I!  I had a strong word with myself and started a journey to changing my mindset and living a more positive rewarding life.  This journey was not a quick and easy fix.  It took reflection.  It took reading books to help me focus and change my way of thinking.  It took opening up and TALKING.  Admitting that I was struggling and not in a good place, which for me was that hardest part.

The same can be said about positivity.  When your thoughts are positive your actions and experiences are positive.  It really is pretty simple.  It is not as easy as it sounds and does take practice but it is so rewarding and you will wonder why it took you so long to take control of your own thoughts.  

When you live a positive life you notice positive things going on around you.  You notice the beauty in things you might never have bothered to notice.  The old couple sitting on the bench holding hands.  The dad making his child squeal with joy as he places them on his shoulders.  The teenage girl helping a short person get something from the top shelf (it was me, I am the short person).  The gang of youths helping the little ones at the skate park - all things I have personally witnessed and that have made my heart swell pumping MORE POSITIVITY into the world.

So taking it back to random acts of kindness, what can we do to make the world a better place?  It does not need to be grand gestures, although that would be lovely.  I am still waiting to be met at arrivals with a big bunch of flowers - just saying!!  Acts of kindness could be letting someone out at a junction.  Using your indicator.  Holding the door open for the person behind you.  Saying please and thank you.  Letting someone who has only 5 items, in front of you at the till.  Tell someone in the changing room that they look fabulous - in a non creepy way obviously.  Don't park over a drop curb or on the pavement.  Put your rubbish in the bin or in your pocket until you get home.  I have fuck loads of wrappers in my coat pockets.  If you own a dog please PLEASE pick up it's shit - seriously you filthy animals that is just grim!  Smile at the mum in the supermarket whose child is having a tantrum of epic proportions.  Put your elderly neighbours bins out for them.  Don't judge people.  Think before you lose your shit, something I need work on for sure! I am aware though which is a good start.             Be honest.  Be loving.  Be kind.  Be sincere.  Be respectful.  Be calm.  Be open.        Be all the things you want people to be to you or your loved ones.

These are all such simple and basic things that seem to be eroding from society.  Lets make a concerted effort to bring them back.

I was on the underground the other day and a lady had a little shopping trolley and without a thought someone took it up the stairs for her and she was delighted.  When I took Toby in to London in the pushchair I had plenty of people offering to help me which was great as I was absolutely shitting myself about getting about.  I see plenty of posts on my local towns Facebook page 'lost wallet/phone/keys'.  Rather than pocketing said items they are being shared on social media to try and locate the owner.  I always get a surge of positive energy when I see things like this - people are good, lets join them.  All simple acts that mean a lot to the people on the receiving end.

I truly believe the majority of people are just fucking awesome.  They really are.  Yes there are bellends out there but I suppose we need bellends so we know how not to behave!  There will always be conflict of some sort that is the way of the world or should I say World Leaders.  I stopped watching the news a while ago because it made me so anxious about the outside world.  Good news apparently doesn't sell as it is not scaring the shit out of people!

If you have never watched it, I would thoroughly recommend Russel Howard's Good News, such a great programme.  Fun and informative.

In support of Random Act of Kindness Day we are launching a new slogan.

In a world where you can be anything, don't be a twat!

Simple and effective!  Head over to the website now to choose what you want the slogan on - T-shirt, sweatshirt or cowl neck hoodie.  You could even put it on a tote bag.  It definitely needs to be in bright ink to really get that point across!!

If we all just take tiny steps to becoming better, more positive people we will experience positive things that will make us want to be more positive and then experience more positive things that will make us more positive - the cycle will keep going and before you know it it will be second nature to you.  Give it a try, I think you might like it!

Peace out beautiful people x



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