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The making of Nipa threads.

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Don't be fooled by the stories you hear on the mumline because not all local kiddies groups are cliquey and unwelcoming.  Don't get me wrong they can be daunting places where you walk in and want to turn on your heel and hot foot it out of there, a bit like the gym!!  However they are also a lifeline to new parents.  You just need to take a deep breath and immerse yourself in headless dollies and sticky sticklebricks!  We first met at our local children's centre back in 2014 when Samuel and Max were teeny and we were in need of some mum friends who we could moan about our kids and partners with!

We became firm friends thanks to our sarcastic and rather dry sense of humour and we found each other hilarious.  We should have called ourselves the one liner queens - in fact that needs to go on a t-shirt!  It also helped that we didn't JUST want to talk cracked nipples and loose pelvic floor but wanted to take our mind off the fact that we were now actual adults who had small people depending on us for their lives - that is a lot of pressure and when you are riddled with hormones that have about as much stability as a tired toddler it can all get a little too much. 

We bonded over the fact we liked to just sit and watch our little ones playing rather than actually getting off our arses and playing with them.  Please don't judge us too much - we were instilling independence from a young age and to be honest we were f**king knackered and deserved an hour of peace!  When we did have to get up we would shoot each other the eye roll and off we waddled hoping that our seat would still be there when we got back.  It usually wasn't ffs!

We first started talking about starting a business together in 2015 but to be honest it was just gibberish at that point.  We had some good ideas but just no time, or mental capacity to put anything together. Nina had just had Kit and Paula went and got herself pregnant too! 

Well having small babies is hard enough so the thought of starting a business as well was a no go for us at that point.  Sleep deprivation is a killer and quite frankly just making the evening meal and not saying out loud 'just f**king eat it ffs' took all our efforts. 

By 2018 things were starting to calm down and we were starting to feel a little fresher. Still sleep deprived, still badgered for everything you could imagine and still moderately crazy but just a teency bit fresher. The subject of starting our own business came up again and this time there was fire in our mum tums.

So we started to research potential suppliers and started to order some bits so we could see the quality, it was all rather exciting.  We started to feel motivated again.  We were doing something that didn't involve wiping someone else's arse or making a dinner that no bugger ate.

We were doing something for OURSELVES and you know what it felt damn good.

Being a mum is the best thing in the world but it is also the hardest job you could ever imagine.  There is no calling in sick, no paid holiday leave and not a lot of thanks. Please do not think for one second we would give any of that up and we love our kids with everything we have but it is also OK to have a good old rant about them every now and then - its good for the soul - just try not to let them hear you!

I think things really popped for us when we went to Printwear and Promotion live exhibition.  We came across the advert by chance when we were looking for something else so it felt like fate!  Off we trotted to Birmingham NEC which brought back memories of the Clothes Show Live and how it was the event of the year for the 90's teenage girl.  When we got there we wondered why people were pulling small suitcases???  It did not take long to realise that it was to save their backs from breaking under the weight of all the brochures.  FML we love a freebie but by the end of the day we were politely declining because we were getting shorter and shorter with each additional bag.

It was really exciting being in the hustle and bustle of it all with actual real adults! This is where we found our chosen manufacturer and Nipa Threads was properly born.  


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