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I wish I was less of a baller.

This is a letter to Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and all the other companies that make children's films, to please stop making ALL your films have a ridiculously sad part in them where the kids don't fully understand what is going on and the parents are stifling their tears! Or in my case turning in to an emotional wreck!

Warning there may be some spoilers in here!!!

It's Sunday afternoon we are having chillaxed family day so decide to put on a nice film to chill out too. How lovely. Film goes on, we grab our treats and snuggle down. All is well until the inevitable sad part of the film comes on and I start balling like a fucking baby! It is usually at the start to set up the story. For example in Frozen the girls parents are killed in a ship wreck. My boys don't even fucking question it, are not even bothered and in fact don't even blink an eye about the fact Ana and Elsa's parents are DEAD! After the parents died there is a brief moment of sadness but then it is all songs and frivolity, just like that, on go their lives and an adventure ensues.

Well as someone who has lost a parent at a young age I can tell you, categorically that this is not what happens! In fact it is the total fucking opposite. Depression, moodiness, drugs and alcohol. Not giving a flying fuck about anything but your grief. Anger, soooooo much anger and at no point did I break out into a song and bastard dance.

I don't really understand the message that they are trying to share to be honest? Your parents die but life moves on - very fucking quickly! There is no such thing as grief? This is how quickly you should be getting over death? Who actually knows but I'm getting rather fucked off with it in all honesty.

We had been wanting to watch Onward for ages and ending up actually buying it as we were too impatient to wait for it to come onto Netflix. On it goes, lovely jubly, so far so good until, that is, they try to bring their dead father back to life!!

Shit the fucking bed, as someone who has lost their dad I was in absolute fucking bits. Like proper Kim Kardashian styleeee! Ugly ugly crying. It is not really how I want to spend my time when I am watching a kids film! Then having to have the conversation with the boys as to why mummy is so upset. They obviously know that my dad isn't around but answering questions about it can be hard for me. I would prefer to just be able to watch a film with my kids without being reduced to tears.

I think every film I have watched lately has made me bawl!

I was particularly pissed off with How To Train Your Dragon. Sooooooo in the second film Hiccup is reunited with his mother who he thought was dead. How lush! His mum and dad were back together and happy and all was well. So what goes on to happen? Hiccups dad gets killed!!!

Like what the actual fuck WHY FUCKING WHY???? So you give happiness with one hand and then whip it out from under us just as we are relaxing. It is total bollocks, really uncalled for and really gets my goat.

I suppose I get that back in the day, where news was not so readily available as it is now, the big film houses added these bits into their films too, in a way educate the smalls on grief or dying or just awkward situations. However we live in  different times. Times where there is grief all around us. On the news on the internet, in the bloody games that the kids are playing. I really don't think we need this depressing shite in kids films too! I personally would like my boys to be as innocent as possible for as long as possible. 

It is not that I don't want to have these conversations as I know they are inevitable but I would appreciate being able to do it on my own terms not after I've watched UP and am literally not able to breathe through the wrecking sobs. Fuck, that film got me so hard that I actually walk out at that part now. Bollocks I know what's coming I don't need to see it again!

Another fucker of a film is Paddington. There is no way this can be sad is there? Well of course before the film has even really begun his uncle is killed, his aunt packs him off on a ship to London on his own and then goes to a retirement village. If that isn't enough he is already a fucking orphan!!!! Jesus wept I just find it all so extreme. Of course it does all depend on what time of month it is as to how emotional I get but yeah I pretty much cry at all kids film and I like to think of myself as a bit more cold hearted than that. Obviously Disney disagrees!

So next time I settle down I will be bringing tissues and hiding behind my popcorn so I can ugly cry in peace. Actually if I am really honest the boys don't even notice that I am crying as they are too engrossed in the film. Also I feel I must add that we do have an emotionally open household and often talk about feelings and emotions I would just RATHER NOT do it whilst trying to "relax".

Would love to know if it's just me who is an emotional wreck or are there other cryers out there? Do let me know and make me feel a bit better ha.




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