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How and where the magic happens!

We are very fortunate to have had a space in one of our homes to get our business up and running. At the time of starting I was using my spare bedroom as a storage/laundry room, hoarding a whole manner of things. Slowly, slowly Paula has encouraged (forced ) me to get rid of A LOT of things which I’m not gonna lie, was difficult for me but I did it! Hurrah...And slowly slowly we have filled it with stock and equipment and made it into nipa threads HQ! We are based in Hertfordshire but post out all over the UK… one day we hope to go global!! We also hope to have our own premises one day soon... for one thing my eldest is for sure going to want his own room pretty soon!! 

As we offer such a wide variety of items and colours, it means we need to keep a lot in stock ready to print, but only a few of each size as we just don’t have the room for more. It’s also more sustainable and economical to not have too much stock. Typically, it always seems to be that we’ll get an order through containing the one thing we’ve run out of! DOH. We have a great supplier though, who can usually get stock to us quite quickly as long as they have what we need in their stock! This is why we put a longer turnaround time on the site, to cover us in case we need to order something in. We do aim however to get things out as quick as possible.

Our main pieces of equipment are our heat press, print press, screens and our printer. When screen printing with ink we use our exposed screens in the print press to print your garments. We use permaset aqua inks which are waterbased and eco friendly. For our foil prints we use our printer to print our designs on to specialist paper, that paper is then heat pressed onto the garment and once peeled off leaves an adhesive which we then press our foils onto. This sticks onto the design so that once that has been peeled off cold it has left a metallic colour print. We love both processes, and really enjoy printing your items. It gives us such a sense of achievement and I can’t tell you how excited we get seeing pics of you wearing them! IT’S AMAZING!!

A typical working day for us starts once we’ve dropped our boys to school, first on the agenda is ALWAYS a cuppa, obvs! We’ll assess what needs doing that day and then we whack the heat press and laptop on ready to go. We love to get the tunes going and so our wonderful assistant Alexa gets her orders! Once we have printed, set and labelled your orders we have a packing area to fold and pack ready to get them posted out. We also try to photograph the items so we have content, and can show you the different combinations available. We've been going for 2yrs now and there are still colour combinations that haven't been ordered yet!! I've never done the maths but we literally offer hundreds of different combinations over all the items we sell. 

We usually finish up for the day in time to pick the kids up from school but we are both really lucky to have supportive men in our lives who can sometimes do the school run if we need to carry on working. We have such a ball working together, it really is a dream come true to call it work. But that is the fun side of it all, In the next blog I’ll delve into the not so fun side of running your own business. XX




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