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Here comes the hot Nipa

We have finally left behind the shite of 2020 and 2021 and 2022 seems to be going along rather nicely so far. People seem to be happy to be out and about. The town centres have a wee bustle about them and I even got smiled at the other day and not in a creepy way! The sun is starting to wake up and show her boat race and the blossom is already starting to bud. Good times.

After a rather wank year last year, we want to bring our slogan clothing and accessories brand, Nipa Threads, out of hibernation and get fired up. Things were slow for us last year after my breast cancer diagnosis. There was no way I could focus on the business whilst going through chemotherapy. I mean it was an effort just to keep my guts inside my body and a semi smile on my face, there was no head space for blog writing, social media schmoooozing or just being a fully functional human being.

Luckily Nina and I have a great partnership and on the days where I was bed bound she continued to print our fabulous slogans and fulfil your orders. This year we would like to take our small mum run business to the next level. My dream is to give up the day job so I can fully focus on making our brand as badass as I know it can be.

Running your own business is tough man! Working for a company is comfortable. You go to work, do your thing, get paid, get sick pay and holiday. There are niggles that fuck you off and fights you have to have but on the whole it is easier than running a business of your own.  I realise this is quite a generalisation but I have worked for the same company for nearly 17 years so that's all I really know!

When you run your own business you are HR, accounts, marketing, production, research, general dogsbody, cleaner, CEO and anything else I may have forgotten to add. You think about it all the time. You don't have set hours because you are always flexing - what can I do to achieve this, how do I go about doing that? There is no-one to blame when you fuck something up - trust me I've tried 😂 plus your fuck ups now come out of your own pocket! 

It's not all shit though!! I love that we set the rules which is pretty perfect considering neither Nina or myself is very good at being told what to do!! In fact we can be so stubborn that if we are told to do something we do the opposite. Yes I realise how childish that sounds but fuck it, it is what it is. Some people are bossy, some people are competitive, some people love to help others. We are stubborn twats that wouldn't be out of place at play group, but in a good way! 

So this year we are levelling ourselves up. I did a course with Mums In Business badass founder Leona Burton and I can tell you I was buzzing. It was 30 days to success and it was awesome. It saw me getting out of bed at 6.10 every morning which is a serious change for me. I could lay in bed allllllll fucking day, I bloody love it. I feel like I was a morning person when I was younger but that shit soon changed, especially when the kids came along! My bed is my oasis so voluntarily getting up an hour before I had to was pretty damn special.

Then I started to work on my evening routine so I could get a good nights sleep. We always hear people banging on about a morning routine but don't hear much about an evening one. So I started to get in my pjs and face washed at 7, both boys in bed by 8, then some journaling and rather than zoning out in front of the tele I started reading, learning, writing. There is nowt wrong with watching tv but I am building a business so Netflix and chilling every evening wasn't really conducive to that. It also means that my husband gets to watch his shite on his own, I mean some of the programmes he is interested in are just pure bollocks to me. I now love my evening routine. I love getting into my dressing gown and feeling my body wind down because it knows what's coming. I have started watching YouTube videos to learn about things I am interested in and I love to make notes!! I mean how many notepads can one person have?! I am basically reverting to my 10 year old self just with the added bonus of the internet. How the fuck did we learn stuff back then? Books? Libraries? I am not even going to pretend I remember.

January is usually a pretty bleak month but this year I spent it buzzing my tits off in a very natural way! I did dry January which was pretty epic if I do say so myself. I don't think I have ever actually partaken in dry January because, well why the devil would I want to give up alcohol in the most depressing month of the year? It was however, very darn enjoyable especially as I had a legitimate reason for doing it. I don't know about you but the minute I tell myself I am not going to do something, I just HAVE TO DO IT TEN FOLD!!! For example I am not going to eat any biscuits this week - yup you guessed it, I will then proceed to eat a whole fecking packet and not even come up for air! Wanker! I might even try to do a dry April, September and then November but in honesty that will have to wait until next year as me and my bitches are all turning 40 this year and we have some serious celebrating to do. Someone remind me of this next year!!

This year is all about keeping the promises I make to myself. I am so sick of saying I am going to do something and then just not bothering, It makes me feel so rubbish because it means that I just stand still rather than moving forward.

Can I really drag my arse out of my cosy warm bed just to do some exercise? I really fucking hope so because it has been a goal of mine for about 10+ years! Obviously me and exercise are not besties but by the end of the year I want to be exercising at least 3 times a week. Right I've written it down for all to see now so lets not fuck it up eh 😂

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